Dr Paul Jackson Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician



Dr Paul Jackson


GMC Certified Specialist in Sports Medicine

Over 25 years experience in Sports Medicine

Extensive experience across a wide range of sports and activities – see Profile

Recognised by all of the Medical Insurance Companies


Dr Paul Jackson is a specialist in Sports & Exercise Medicine. He has over 25 years experience of treating patients from elite international sport to recreational weekend exercisers. The knowledge and principles used to treat elite professional sportsmen and sportswomen can be used to treat injuries in all of the exercising and sporting population, as well as injuries from other causes.


Sports physicians are trained in the non-surgical management of injuries to tendons, muscles, bones and joints. They are also trained in the management of non musculoskeletal problems such as overtraining and under-recovery.


Dr Jackson has a particular interest in seeing patients with recurrent injuries and those in whom either the diagnosis or underlying cause for the injury is unclear. He also sees office and manual workers with work related musculoskeletal conditions.


For all appointments: London, Bath & Swindon clinics 01225 838809

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